Keep your home safe while on Vacation

by Anita on July 8, 2013

Many people will be going on vacation in July and August. That means that your home will be unoccupied during that time period. There are many precautions you can take while you are away to keep your home safe. Here are just a few:

Your first step is to make sure all doors and windows are locked. If you will not be leaving lights on, close the blinds, shades or curtains. In the summer, you may want to set air conditioning at 80 degrees and in the winter set the heat at 60 degrees. Do not turn the heat off in the winter while you are away. Your pipes could freeze and burst, therefore causing water damage to your property and many problems for you upon your return.

The next step you can take is turn on your alarm if you have one. Sounds simple, but there are people who have alarm systems and do not turn them on.  If your system is monitored, you can also call your alarm company and let them know that you will be on vacation during a specific time period and tell them that if your alarm goes off, immediately contact the police. If you do not currently have an alarm system, consider installing one as you may be eligible to receive a discount on your homeowners insurance. A great option many alarm companies also offer is fire alarm monitoring. This way in the event of a fire, the alarm company will immediately contact the fire department. Make sure you also put out the alarm company signs they provide in a visible area outside your home and place the stickers on your windows, doors and sliding glass doors. This lets possible intruders know your house is alarmed.

If you still receive a daily newspaper, call and postpone delivery for the time you are away. As far as your mail, contact the post office to put your mail on hold and they will redeliver upon your return. Or you can ask a neighbor to pick up your newspapers and mail daily while you are away.

Another precaution you can take is with lighting. Do you have outdoor lighting motion detectors? A good spot for these is either the front door, over the garage or in the back yard. This way if someone approaches your home, the lights will go on and hopefully deter them away. Motion detectors will also save you money on your electric bill as they will only go on if they pick up motion (animals and high winds may also turn the lights on). Another inexpensive use of lighting to protect your home is to invest in timers. You can install these attached to certain lights in your home. For example: a table lamp near a window. This way from the outside, it appears as if there is someone home. In addition, try having your outdoor lights go on at dusk nightly.

Everyone loves to post their vacation pictures, latest adventures and dinner entrees on social media. But posting that you are currently on vacation, may invite an intruder. You are telling people, I am away and my house is empty. No one wants to come home from a great vacation and realize they have been burglarized. So do your best to hold on to these great photos and post them when you return. People do not need to know your every move while you are away.

Lastly, if you have a trusted neighbor or friend in the area ask them to check on your home while on vacation, especially if you will be away longer than one week.

Hopefully, taking these simple precautions may keep your home safe while you are away. It’s so nice to take a well deserved vacation and not have to worry about your home.

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AnitaKeep your home safe while on Vacation

Choosing the right Independent Insurance Agent

by Anita on June 21, 2013

How important is your insurance agent? More important than you might think. When you go to purchase car insurance, homeowners insurance or life insurance…where do you begin?

First you need to find a local agent. They know the area you live in and the type of risks and/or what can effect your insurance policies.

Now it’s time to check references. Have they been referred to you? Do they have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau? Do they belong to professional associations like the IIAB?   How many Insurance companies do they represent? Chances are if they represent several insurance companies – big insurance companies find them reputable and trustworthy to represent their insurance products. Does the Independent Insurance agent offer A+ companies like Travelers, Safeco, Progressive and the Hartford? The answer should be yes. You want a stable insurance company that has been in business a long time and is stable. This way in the event you have any insurance claims to recover, they will pay.

Next step is getting a quote. A good agent will quote your insurance apples to apples. This way you can see if you are truly saving money. Some not so good agents will leave off coverages you currently have and need, to make it appear as though they are saving you money. You don’t want that. You want a good agent that will explain coverages thoroughly before you make your decision.

You also want an Independent Insurance Agent that works for you. This way if your rates go up significantly they can quote you in the other companies they represent to get you the same or better coverage at a good rate. When your agent is appointed to 10 or more A+ companies that is good for you, the customer. This way you can stay with an agent you are comfortable with and trust. In this case, you won’t have to provide a new company with all your information and take a chance on not getting quality customer service.

Do your homework. You don’t want to find out you chose the wrong agent when you go to put in a claim for a loss and realize you do not have the appropriate coverage.
Here is an example: You’ve always had coverage on your homeowners policy for you engagement ring. You loose your ring and your new policy has general jewelry coverage of $1000. Your ring is worth $10,000. You have a $500 deductible. You are now out a ring and will only get $500 for your claim. A good Insurance Agent would have added a rider to your policy for the ring and made sure you had a current appraisal on the ring.

Take your time when shopping for Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance and Life Insurance. These are important decisions that you must make with the help of an experienced, trustworthy Insurance Agent.

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AnitaChoosing the right Independent Insurance Agent

Gas Grilling Tips

by Anita on June 2, 2013

Liquid petroleum (LP) gas or propane, used in gas grills, is highly flammable. Each year about 30 people are injured as a result of gas grill fires and explosions. Many of these fires and explosions occur when consumers first use a grill that has been left idle for a period of time or just after refilling and reattaching the grill’s gas container. To reduce the risk of fire or explosion, consumers should routinely perform the following safety checks:

– Check the tubes that lead into the burner for any blockage from insects, spiders, or food grease. Use a pipe cleaner or wire to clear blockage and push it through to the main part of the burner.

– Check grill hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes, and leaks. Make sure there are no sharp bends in the hose or tubing.

– Move gas hoses as far away as possible from hot surfaces and dripping hot grease. If you can’t move the hoses, install a heat shield to protect them.

– Replace scratched or nicked connectors, which can eventually leak gas.

– Check for gas leaks, following the manufacturer’s instructions, if you smell gas or when you reconnect the grill to the LP gas container. If you detect a leak, immediately turn off the gas and don’t attempt to light the grill until the leak is fixed.

– Keep lighted cigarettes, matches, or open flames away from a leaking grill.

– Never use a grill indoors. Use the grill at least 10 feet away from your house or any building. Do not use the grill in a garage, breezeway, carport, porch, or under a surface that can catch fire.

– Do not attempt to repair the tank valve or the appliance yourself. See an LP gas dealer or a qualified appliance repair person.

– Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany the grill.

Consumers should use caution when storing LP gas containers. Always keep containers upright. Never store a spare gas container under or near the grill or indoors. Never store or use flammable liquids, like gasoline, near the grill.

To avoid accidents while transporting LP gas containers, consumers should transport the container in a secure, upright position. Never keep a filled container in a hot car or car trunk. Heat will cause the gas pressure to increase, which may open the relief valve and allow gas to escape.

Consumers should use extreme caution and always follow manufacturer’s instructions when connecting or disconnecting LP gas containers.

Grills manufactured after October 1, 1995, are required to have three additional safety features to eliminate leak hazards: a device to limit the flow of gas in the event of hose rupture; a mechanism to shut-off the grill; and a feature to prevent the flow of gas if the connection between the tank and the grill is not leak proof. Consumers should consider purchasing grills that have these safety features.

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AnitaGas Grilling Tips

Reducing Tree Damage

by Anita on June 1, 2013

Reducing Tree Damage
Falling trees and limbs cause millions of dollars in damage each year damaging homes and cars and downing power lines. Windstorms, such as hurricanes, are a leading cause of such damage and injury. Homeowners represent the first line of defense, but often neglect taking their surroundings into consideration when trying to protect or prepare their property from storms.

The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) identifies several ways to help prevent damage before a storm strikes and how to clean up the aftermath. It is important for homeowners and business owners to regularly examine trees on or near their property and check for damage or other trouble signs. For instance, good pruning can prevent many problems, but over-pruning can significantly weaken a tree.

Want to know more about reducing tree damage? Download the IBHS Reducing Tree Damage guide for even more preventive tips. Share this guide with your customers to help them prevent a future loss!

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AnitaReducing Tree Damage

Go Paperless and pay online!

by Anita on April 10, 2013

Did you know you can make a difference in caring for Mother Earth by switching to paperless option and paying your insurance bills online. Call Freedom Insurance Group today at 215-673-0300 to set up your paperless options.

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AnitaGo Paperless and pay online!

Get an Umbrella Insurance Policy Today!

by Anita on March 1, 2013

Sure , you probably have auto,home and life insurance but do you have an umbrella policy to protect your assets? You have worked so hard to build a life for yourself why not protect it. A personal umbrella policy can help protect your future from the unknown. Make the call today to ensure you and your family are protected. Call Freedom Insurance Group at 215-673-0300 or visit our website at

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AnitaGet an Umbrella Insurance Policy Today!

Get Pet Insurance with Progressive Insurance

by Anita on February 2, 2013

Progressive Insurance insures your pet if you have collision insurance your pet injury covers up to $1,000.00 toward the vet bill if your dog or cat is injured and in the unfortunate event that your pet dies in an accident, Progressive provides a $1,000.00 death benefit. Call Freedom Insurance Group today at 215-673-0300 to insure your automobile and your furry friend.

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AnitaGet Pet Insurance with Progressive Insurance

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. can serve all of your insurance needs

by Anita on February 1, 2013

Why not make your life simplier? Did you know you can have all of your auto, home, renters, life and umbrella insurance needs met with one call to Freedom Insurance Group? We are the single source for all of your insurance needs in Pennsylvania. Call 215-673-0300, stop by 3308 Grant Ave in Philadelphia, PA or log on to

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AnitaFreedom Insurance Group, Inc. can serve all of your insurance needs

Merchant of the Week

by Anita on January 30, 2013

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. is currently celebrating their 10th year in business in the Grant & Academy Shopping Center. Freedom Insurance Group is an independent agency focusing on automobile, home and life insurance. Owner Anita Allegrezza has over 25 years of experience in sales, service, and operations in the insurance industry. They have knowledgeable professionals who really listen to you, answer all of your questions, and help you choose the right coverages for your individual situation. Just one call to Freedom Insurance Group and a consumer can get quotes from over 10 A+ rated insurance companies, saving you time and money. Saving money is just the beginning. They continually review their customer’s policies every six months to ensure they are getting the best coverage at the best price. Check out their “Money Saving Checklist” online at to see if you are getting all the discounts you deserve. Call today for a free quote to see how much money you can save. Like Freedom Insurance Group on Facebook for a chance to win an emergency roadside kit during the month of February. Also feel free to stop in on Friday’s in February for cookies and cocoa. Freedom Insurance Group can be reached at 215-673-0300.

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AnitaMerchant of the Week

Are you prepared in the event of an accident?

by Anita on January 29, 2013

If you have the misfortune of being involved in an auto accident make sure you have the necessary information to help your claim process quickly and correctly. You should have your insurance information and registration in your vehicle. Be sure to exchange insurance information with all involved. You want to copy the other people’s name, name of insurance company along with policy number, write down the date and time and location of accident. If you have a camera or phone take pictures of the accident. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to call 215-673-0300 we are here to help you.

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AnitaAre you prepared in the event of an accident?