Car Insurance Philadelphia

Five reasons why you should take advantage of free quotes on auto insurance.

by Anita on May 20, 2015



  1. It takes as little as five minutes to answer a few questions to get the quoting process started. If you choose an independent agent they take the information once and get rates from many companies.  This inevitably saves you time and will save you money. If you choose a Trusted Choice Agency with a good rating from the Better Business Bureau you will receive expert advice.
  2. There are times when auto insurance policies go up, even with no claims. If it goes too high for your budget, an independent agent can price your auto insurance with the other companies they represent.  Independent agents offer you choices.  Customers want the freedom to purchase insurance with their budget in mind and not have to forego the coverages that they need.
  3. You may end up paying less and receive better coverage than you had before.
  4. Insurance companies are not one size fits all and have their own set of discount offerings. An insurance company that had great rates while you were single and renting an apartment may not be good for you now that you are married and own a home.  You could also be missing out on significant savings.
  5. The free gifts! Agents who care about their customers always have nice giveaways to thank you for your business.

So before you renew your auto insurance think about getting a competitive quote.  Have your old auto policy out to get an apples to apples quote.  If you own or rent a home you can also get a homeowners insurance/renters insurance quote.  Bundling your policies with the same company will save you money too! Does your agent have a money saving checklist?  We do. For quotes on car insurance or homeowners insurance call Freedom Insurance Group Inc. today at 215-673-0300 or visit our website  We represent 15 A+ insurance companies such as Progressive, Safeco, Grange, Travelers, The Hartford, Philadelphia Contributionship, and many more.  The Independent Agency has been in business for 12 years and is a Trusted Choice Agency.

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AnitaFive reasons why you should take advantage of free quotes on auto insurance.

Stay safe and prepared while travelling in your car this winter.

by Anita on January 9, 2015

When news hits of a big snow storm everyone heads to the grocery store to stock up on milk, bread, snacks and essentials.  Then they head out to buy salt and shovels.  This way they are prepared if they are stranded at home in a snow storm.  But what about getting stranded in your car?  How long could you survive?  Last year during an ice storm people were stuck in their workplaces, schools, and for the the unlucky ones who ventured out…their cars.  I know in my car….I wouldn’t last more than a day.

We’ve compiled a list of items to keep inside your car, that could keep you alive if you were stuck in a snow/ice storm or even in this bitter cold.  Don’t keep these items in your trunk in the event it freezes shut.  The best place is in your back seat.  Gather these items and keep them in a plastic bin.  You may never need them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare.
1.  Snow scraper and brush.
2.  Shovel, kitty litter and a large piece of cardboard.  If you get stuck in the snow and your tires are spinning this will help to get your car moving again.
3.  First aid kit.  Any necessary medications.
4.  Water bottles and food such as crackers, cookies, protein bars, hard candy.
5.  Windshield wiper fluid.
6.  Flash flight
7.  Jumper cables
8.  Cell phone and charger.  A good idea is to also have the hand-crank charger which will work in the event your car battery dies.
9.  Hat, gloves and a scarf.  You can also pick up the hand warmers that you can put inside your gloves or boots.
10. Battery operated radio.
11. White t-shirt or fluorescent t-shirt to hang on antenna if you break down.  Flares if you live in remote areas.
12. Wool blankets to keep warm.
13. Toilet paper.
The cold weather is upon us and although it’s important to protect our homes and cars most importantly we need to keep our families safe.
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AnitaStay safe and prepared while travelling in your car this winter.

7 Ways to pay less for car insurance in Philadelphia

by Anita on December 19, 2014

Most people love a good deal or a sale.  They get excited when they have a great coupon for something they actually need.  And we love friends and family discounts.   So what is the key to saving money on car insurance?  It’s not as complicated as you may think.  Here are 7 ways we have found that save our customers money on their car insurance policies in Philadelphia.

  1. Get quotes from an Independent agent.  Independent agents have access to many companies.  They don’t write policies for just one company so their loyalty is to you, the customer.  If your rate goes up or your needs change they can easily shop around for another insurance company.  When you go with an Independent agent you are able to build a relationship.  If you jump from one company to another, a new agent will not know you well enough to point out coverage or changes you may need.
  2. Be aware of the many discounts that are available to you. Different companies offer different discounts.  Here are some of the discounts that are out there.  Occupation & education, New car, multi policy, low mileage, good student, student away at school, safe driver, driver training, AARP defensive driving, accident forgiveness, paid in full, paperless and  hybrid vehicle discount.
  3. Choose higher liability limits. Yes I said higher.  If you go with state minimums you may pay more in the long run.
  4. Shop around. Insurance companies are not one size fits all.  What may have been a good company for you 10 years ago….may not be good for your present situation.  In today’s day there is no real reward for loyalty.  Your car insurance does not go down simply because you have had the same policy for many years.
  5. When purchasing a new or used car call an agent to get a general idea of what the insurance will cost. Many new car buyers will simply buy the car to then find out the insurance is so high that there is no way they will be able to afford both a car payment and their car insurance payment.
  6. Be an educated consumer. Do your research.  Find an agent that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is a Trusted Choice Agent.   If you choose the right agent they will guide you through purchasing car insurance.
  7. Don’t let your insurance go out of force or have a lapse. Make your payments on time to ensure consistent coverage.



If you take the time to do your research, ask questions and take your agents advice you can save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance in Philadelphia.  Make paying less for your car insurance in 2015 at the top of your to do list.

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Anita7 Ways to pay less for car insurance in Philadelphia

Early cold winter blast

by Anita on November 21, 2014

Last year we had snow before Christmas. This year we had snow before Thanksgiving in some parts of the country. Many of us dug out our coats and put the heat on due to the unseasonably cold, cold weather this early in the season. But what about rental properties and secondary residences? Hopefully if you own those you made sure to put the heat on there as well. Some nights the temperatures went down to 22 degrees. It is so very important to maintain appropriate temps in all of your homes. Frozen pipes can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home. You are responsible to maintain heat in all of the properties you own.  Many of the new security systems include thermostat control which can be operated remotely. This is a great option for people who could not get to a second home relatively quickly.  Check that your pilot light is lit, change the filter in the heating unit and schedule a yearly maintenance call to ensure proper operation. The temperatures will creep back up into the 60′s this week, but now is a great time to think about winterizing your home.

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AnitaEarly cold winter blast

Save Money on Insurance

by Anita on September 22, 2014

We all love to save money. But there is a time when saving money initially is just not a value in the long run. If you have decided to get auto or homeowners insurance quotes from other insurance companies, ask yourself the following:

Did I give up coverage to save money?
Did I have to choose higher deductibles?
Did I reduce coverage?

Insurance protects you against risk. To ensure you are making informed decisions speak with a licensed agent to review coverages and potential scenarios.
Here are some examples of saving money, but not having the right protection.
If you have liability limits on your auto policy of 100/300 and you are told you can save money by lowering limits to 25/50…think twice. If you own a home and you are sued you put yourself at risk in a lawsuit.  The general rule is to have limits up to and including your assets.  And if your assets are great, consider an umbrella policy.

Another area where consumers cut corners on auto insurance where they shouldn’t is dropping collision coverage too soon. Although you paid off your auto loan and are no longer required by a bank to have collision coverage on your vehicle, your car may still have significant value. If you have a total loss and the accident is your fault you will not receive any money for the loss.

If you increase your comprehensive coverage and live in the suburbs you are at a greater risk for hitting a deer or incurring damage from fallen trees. Your comprehensive deductible would have to be applied first to repair any damage to your vehicle from the event. Glass claims are also covered by your comprehensive coverage, so if you get a crack in your windshield you will have to pay the comprehensive deductible prior to glass repair, which can be costly.  Even if an agent suggests increasing comprehensive deductibles it is not advisable for someone living in the suburbs.

Before you drop or reduce any coverages speak to your agent to make an informed decision. Some of the coverages people tend to opt out of are towing, rental and roadside assistance. These coverages are at times very economical and most often utilized.

When it comes to homeowners insurance there are agents that may steer you towards an HO1 policy when you currently have an HO3 policy in order to show a savings to get your business. But what they don’t point out is that an HO1 policy does not cover pipe breaks or roof leaks. Considering the harsh winters we had last year, both are very important coverages to maintain.

The best approach is to choose coverages and deductibles based on your situation, then shop for rates and companies. Insurance companies all rate differently. A local independent agent is very knowledgeable about the companies they represent and can find the right company for you. They can also make sure you are getting all relevant discounts in which you are entitled.

When getting competitive insurance quotes, do your research and find an independent agent that you can trust. Referrals and reputation within the community are the best ways to ensure you are working with a reputable agency.  Freedom Insurance Group is a Trusted Choice Agent.  Trusted Choice agents share a common commitment to serving their customers.

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AnitaSave Money on Insurance

Traveling with your Pets

by Anita on June 15, 2014

Traveling with your Pets
Drive down the road on a nice spring or summer day and dogs are hanging out windows or running about a moving vehicle. We all say “Ahhh, look how cute” when we see man’s best friend traveling alongside him in a car sticking his nose out the window. But is that really safe for your pet? Flying debris, dust, and rocks can damage their eyes. If you are involved in a car accident, chances are your pet is going to get hurt as they are not in a seat belt. What’s worse is if they are traveling in the back of a pick-up truck. Any impact would send them flying out of the vehicle. Pets are also seen traveling on laps, in handbags, in the front seat and in the back seat….all of those options are just not safe. If you are simply running errands, going to the local dog park, or driving to a vacation destination consider safe travel for your pet. We wear a seat belt and secure our children in car seats, booster seats and seat belts. Keeping our pets safe in our cars is important as well.
Your best bet is to place your pet in a carrier and secure it in the back seat. Speak with your veterinarian or go to your local pet store and inquire how you should best travel with your pet. What works for a small dog may not work for a large dog. Ask what you can purchase to keep him secure in your vehicle while driving. If you are traveling long distance stop and allow your pet a bathroom break. Carry bottled water, bowls, food, and treats. Remember to also bring a leash to walk them and allow them to stretch their legs. You want your pet to be comfortable on those long rides.
Did you know that if you have a Progressive auto insurance policy and have collision coverage then your dog or cat is covered on your auto policy? They provide up to $500 in complimentary Pet Injury coverage. Be sure to ask your agent about the coverage and conditions. But like the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

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AnitaTraveling with your Pets

Disadvantages of buying insurance online

by Anita on May 1, 2014

Today with the Internet it is very easy to get an insurance quote. You plug in your information or call up the insurance company directly, they take your information, send you an email, you e-sign the documents and you have insurance.
Sounds easy, right? Easy, but not always the best choice. You are going to have auto insurance as long as you are driving and homeowners as long as you own your home. You are going to need to speak with an agent at some point during your policy period. If you would feel more secure speaking with an agent that you can trust and always go to, then strongly consider finding an Independent agent with an office you can visit.

While you have the policy you may have questions, need to make changes to your policy or require additional insurance. So many people come into our office or call with questions on their policy and unfortunately if we did not write the insurance, we are not able to help them, because we do not have access to their policy on our systems. So before you make the purchase, be sure that you don’t need a more hands on insurance partner. Take the time to see if there are agents in your area that write insurance for the company you want. Independent agents can also tell you about discounts that you are eligible for, as well as finding the right company for you.

As convenient as 1-800 numbers are… sometimes it is nice to pull up a chair and have a face to face conversation with a licensed agent. A good agent will ask you many questions to determine which insurance policies you should be carrying as well as types of coverage you should have. Agents who work in a call center are on a time limit and are interested in writing a policy and getting off the phone. They are not looking for ways to help customers, save them money or build a relationship. They also can only provide a quote for the company they work for. Have you ever tried to order circus tickets online? The operator gives you one choice, if you ask for other options or don’t answer quickly enough that you want the tickets, they hang up on you. There is something to be said about personalized service and most people appreciate good service. At Freedom Insurance Group we are loyal to our customers not the companies we represent.

While there is talk that one day drivers will be able to purchase insurance at a kiosk. As a consumer that is not something that I would be interested in. I want to speak with someone who can provide me with all the information I need to make informed decisions regarding my insurance. If I have a claim, my circumstances change, I purchase a new car, buy a new home or add a pool to my home, I want to know that I can call my agent whom I know well and get the best insurance at the best price.

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AnitaDisadvantages of buying insurance online

Ice Storm 2014

by Anita on February 2, 2014

This week’s ice storm has had a strong impact on the community in many ways. If you are driving through Bucks County, roads are closed, lights are out, trees are down and many still do not have power. Most people have not even assessed all of their damages thus far. People have damage to their homes from fallen tree limbs and with no power for the last 3 days more damage may follow. Heavy tree limbs and branches fell on cars denting hoods, breaking windows, cracking headlights and causing even more problems. If you are unsure if your damages to your vehicle or home are covered be sure to call your insurance agent. Keep in mind your deductibles as well. This winter which started early has proven to be a rough one so far.

What was really nice is the way the community reached out to those in need. Libraries and schools set up shelters; offering to charge phones and electronic devices. They also extended hospitality to come in from the cold and have coffee or hot chocolate. A high school even offered for residents to come in and use the shower facilities. Those who did have power opened their own Bed & Breakfasts…brought in friends and family, those in need, for warm a place to sleep and hot meal.

Smart phones have enabled people to learn about the resources available in the community in real time. I can’t even remember how we found out about school closings 20 years ago during power outages and knowing when the power should be restored. We have so many ways now to receive information by checking social media, websites, and simply opening our email. If you escaped damage to your home, car, and have power then count your blessings. And to the Moms and Dads who have been home with the kids for days…well Monday is just around the corner.

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AnitaIce Storm 2014

Tips for Teen Drivers

by Anita on November 5, 2013

It’s here – your teenager is turning 16 and asks the question “Can I get my license?” You can look at it two ways….you will now have to worry about your teen on the roads or they can now drive to practices and stop at the store to pick up the milk. Allowing them to take the test and get their permit is a big decision. It is an exciting time for the teens, but stressful for the parents.

Your teen getting their drivers license will also affect the cost of your auto insurance. All companies are different. Some insurance companies want to you put the teen on your insurance policy at the time they get their permit and other companies allow you to wait until they get their actual drivers license. Make sure you call your insurance agent and ask them how the company you have works.

Here are some practical steps to prepare your teen to drive:

  • Make the decision that he or she is mature and ready to take on the responsibility of driving.
  • Get the state driving permit book.
  • Are you going to teach them to drive or will he/she take driving lessons with an driving school. Keep in mind you may get a discount on your auto insurance if your teen takes driver safety so it may be a good idea for them to learn from a certified driving school.
  • Let them practice with you in the car on the roads and in empty parking lots.
  • Add them to your policy. If your teen is a good student you may also be eligible for a Good Student discount on your auto insurance as well.
  • Take the Test.

Think about having your teen sign a driving contract with you. Some of the things you may want to include are:

  • Never Drink & Drive.
  • No texting or emailing while in the car.
  • Limit the number of teens in the car as passengers.
  • Will your teen pay for gas or pay for their share of the insurance and maintenance expenses?
  • List the days/times and usage when your teen will have access to the family car.
  • Always have proper car insurance.

Now is also good time to start teaching them the proper way to maintain a vehicle. That includes auto insurance including what the coverage means, registration, inspection, what to do in an accident and the responsibility of owning and operating a vehicle. If your teen wants to get their own auto insurance, go to our website and learn more about what you will need to get started. or call Freedom Insurance Group Inc. at 215-673-0300.

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AnitaTips for Teen Drivers

Tips on Finding Auto Insurance

by Anita on October 31, 2013

Be careful the next time you say, “baby, you can drive my car.” As classic as The Beatles song is, if someone else does something to your car and you do not have insurance, you will have hell to pay – whether that is to your parents or just for your car you have just totaled.

Uncontrollable Factors

Getting the best insurance for your buck starts with your car. Well, really, it starts with who you are. Your rate will depend on several factors, including your age, gender, and where you live. Most of these factors you cannot change, unless you are willing to move to Oregon, where Americans pay the least amount of auto insurance.


Controllable Factors

What you do have control over is your driving record – anything from running a red light to getting in a fender bender can bump up the amount of premium you pay. Drivers with clean records pay the least amount of insurance premiums. In addition, the car that you drive can affect your premium. If you are looking to save money, make sure your car is not the type that is frequently in collisions or a car that is stolen often. Other than the obvious benefit of not having your car stolen, you will also pay less of a premium.


Based on these factors, you have to do your research and find out just how much coverage you need for protection for yourself, your car, and others affected in a collision. Compare prices between agencies and decide what is right for you. Everyone’s  insurance will affect them differently, but be sure you are not just getting the one that allows you to pay the least, but the one that will sufficiently protect you, as well.

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AnitaTips on Finding Auto Insurance