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Auto Insurance Philadelphia, Car Insurance Philadelphia

by Anita on July 21, 2015

Auto Insurance Philadelphia

Are you looking for new auto insurance in Philadelphia?  If so… Look no further!

Freedom Insurance Group, can and will help you get the best rates for your car insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Our main focus is our customers and we work diligently to provide the best customer service along with the getting you the best rates possible for your vehicle.

We are an independent insurance agency located in Philadelphia. This means that we work with several large insurance companies and will find you the best rates possible by shopping around to all of the different companies for your car insurance. Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the united states with lots of people driving and commuting every day.  Having the right auto insurance in Philadelphia is very important to make sure that your vehicle, yourself, and your loved ones are covered in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance Philadelphia 

We also offer many different commercial auto insurance options for your company if you have just a few vehicles on the road for work, or a whole fleet. We will find the coverage to make sure that you, your employees, and your vehicles are insured and covered.

If you are looking for Car Insurance in Philadelphia or Commercial Auto Insurance in Philadelphia, contact us today for a free quote.

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AnitaAuto Insurance Philadelphia, Car Insurance Philadelphia

Summer Road Trip

by Anita on June 12, 2015

If you are planning a Road Trip this summer it is better to be prepared rather than fly by the seat of your pants! Your first order of business is to decide if you are going to drive your own car or get a rental car. Both options have positives and negatives. By driving your own car you will save money, but depending on how far you drive you will put excess wear and tear on the vehicle. If you go the rental car route, you will incur more of a cost. The next question is ….what kind of roadside assistance will be needed in both scenarios. If you currently have roadside assistance on your car insurance policy you will be covered for flat tire change, lock outs and running out of gas. An issue may come in to play with towing in case you break down. Questions regarding towing coverage on your auto insurance policy should be addressed with your agent. To get more information on roadside assistance see our website: If you have roadside assistance through AAA they also have their own set of rules. As always have your current car insurance card with you at all times.

Map out your route on paper before setting out on your adventure. Some people use their smart phone maps app and some have a navigation system in their car. You should still have a good old handy map. There will most likely be rest stops along the way so you don’t have to plan those out. You will also have to stop along the way for gas. Here is a website that we found where you can get the best prices on gas We even found a great website listing on AARP that estimates the cost of gas for your trip:
During a long road trip you are sure to get hungry! A fun website to check out for some great eats along your journey is: You just plug in your destination and notable restaurants mentioned on TV, like Diners, Drive ins and Dives will populate along your route.

If you have homeowners insurance or renters insurance, your contents in the vehicle will be insured as well. For example if you are taking ipads, smartphones, golf clubs, or a laptop on your trip and they are stolen from the car, you are covered minus your deductible.

It’s time to pack! Be smart when packing personal items, just because you are driving don’t be tempted to over pack. Have a first aid kit in the car as well as an emergency road kit. To avoid making frequent stops pack a cooler with drinks and snacks. If you are bringing kids along, pack movies, activities, books, ipads, hand held games and have some road trip games in mind. Some popular road trip games are ispy, I’m going on a picnic, license plate game and road trip bingo. If you are lucky the kids will sleep!
All of these tips should help you enjoy a well planned road trip full of fantastic family memories!

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AnitaSummer Road Trip

Grilling Safety Tips

by Anita on May 29, 2015

Last weekend officially kicked off grilling season. Who doesn’t love a grilled hot dog with mustard and relish or a burger with bacon? Why not get fancy with some grilled pizza, grilled quesadillas, grilled fish/lobster or grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, all of it sounds delicious! Some people are masters at the grill are some unfortunately are not. What ever your grilling skill level, it is important to practice safety at all times. Whether you use a gas grill or a charcoal grill each has its own set of risks.

Let’s start with food safety.
1. When grilling meats always use a meat thermometer to ensure meats are cooked to the correct temperature.
2. Throw away the marinade after use.
3. Don’t use the same platter or utensils for raw meat and the cooked.
4. Don’t let raw meat sit out for a while before cooking. Either put it in a cooler or take out of refrigerator/freezer right before use.

Personal Safety.
1. Keep your grill outdoors, not in a garage and away from your home and trees with low hanging branches.

2. Place your grill on flat ground, not uneven or hilly surfaces.

3. Follow all manufacturer instructions for checking connections and lighting the grill.

4. Purchase barbecue gloves to protect your hands and arms while grilling.

5. Use proper grilling utensils that have long handles.

6. Keep all pets and kids away from the grill while in use.

7. Remember to watch the flames especially when grilling meats with lot of grease. Too much grease will cause the flames to rise.

8.  Never leave a grill that is in use unattended.

9. If using a charcoal grill, do not put hot embers in a metal container until cool.

10.  When finished remember to turn the propane off and let cool before putting on the cover.

Hosting barbecues is a lot of work, but always a good time. If you follow these safety tips, your barbecue should be drama free! Who wants to stop and call your homeowners insurance company in the middle of a party?

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AnitaGrilling Safety Tips

Five reasons why you should take advantage of free quotes on auto insurance.

by Anita on May 20, 2015



  1. It takes as little as five minutes to answer a few questions to get the quoting process started. If you choose an independent agent they take the information once and get rates from many companies.  This inevitably saves you time and will save you money. If you choose a Trusted Choice Agency with a good rating from the Better Business Bureau you will receive expert advice.
  2. There are times when auto insurance policies go up, even with no claims. If it goes too high for your budget, an independent agent can price your auto insurance with the other companies they represent.  Independent agents offer you choices.  Customers want the freedom to purchase insurance with their budget in mind and not have to forego the coverages that they need.
  3. You may end up paying less and receive better coverage than you had before.
  4. Insurance companies are not one size fits all and have their own set of discount offerings. An insurance company that had great rates while you were single and renting an apartment may not be good for you now that you are married and own a home.  You could also be missing out on significant savings.
  5. The free gifts! Agents who care about their customers always have nice giveaways to thank you for your business.

So before you renew your auto insurance think about getting a competitive quote.  Have your old auto policy out to get an apples to apples quote.  If you own or rent a home you can also get a homeowners insurance/renters insurance quote.  Bundling your policies with the same company will save you money too! Does your agent have a money saving checklist?  We do. For quotes on car insurance or homeowners insurance call Freedom Insurance Group Inc. today at 215-673-0300 or visit our website  We represent 15 A+ insurance companies such as Progressive, Safeco, Grange, Travelers, The Hartford, Philadelphia Contributionship, and many more.  The Independent Agency has been in business for 12 years and is a Trusted Choice Agency.

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AnitaFive reasons why you should take advantage of free quotes on auto insurance.

Teaching Teens about Insurance

by Anita on March 3, 2015

From the moment our kids are little we teach them to say please and thank you, how to tie their shoes, and eventually how to drive. But there are some life skills that are overlooked by parents. Insurance may be one of them. When our teens get their permit we add them to our policy and most likely pay the additional premium. Although this helps them in the short term, it does not help in the long term. So many times we see twenty somethings come in to our office to get their first car insurance policy and they have no idea where to begin. They call their parents while at an agent’s desk to get the details of their previous policy. Our number one job as a parent is to teach our kids to become a responsible independent adult.

When you add your teen to your policy sit down with them and go over your current auto policy. Explain the coverages, the discounts you receive and why auto insurance is so important. They should know the basics, which are collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability and deductibles. You can do your best to explain to them the difference between Full Tort and limited tort. When it comes to underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage explain to them what these coverages protect against. Then there is towing, rental and roadside assistance. Better yet, bring your teen into your independent agents office when they are first added to the policy. This would also be a perfect time to review your insurance coverages/deductibles and will certainly provide a wonderful teaching moment for your teen.  Not to mention show them the cost of auto insurance.

Don’t forget to ask your son/daughter to sign a no texting and driving contract, as well as discuss safe driving practices. It is so important to have a conversation with young drivers about registration, following state laws while driving and the consequences for not abiding by the rules and laws. As parents we should reinforce our expectations while taking the car out. All of this goes hand in hand with auto insurance. To keep your rates low, a good driving record is needed. If they are a good student, they may qualify for a discount.  Be sure to ask your agent if there is a discount for Good Student on their car insurance policy.

When you have these conversations with your teen you teach them valuable life lessons that they can carry on into adulthood.


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AnitaTeaching Teens about Insurance

Stay safe and prepared while travelling in your car this winter.

by Anita on January 9, 2015

When news hits of a big snow storm everyone heads to the grocery store to stock up on milk, bread, snacks and essentials.  Then they head out to buy salt and shovels.  This way they are prepared if they are stranded at home in a snow storm.  But what about getting stranded in your car?  How long could you survive?  Last year during an ice storm people were stuck in their workplaces, schools, and for the the unlucky ones who ventured out…their cars.  I know in my car….I wouldn’t last more than a day.

We’ve compiled a list of items to keep inside your car, that could keep you alive if you were stuck in a snow/ice storm or even in this bitter cold.  Don’t keep these items in your trunk in the event it freezes shut.  The best place is in your back seat.  Gather these items and keep them in a plastic bin.  You may never need them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare.
1.  Snow scraper and brush.
2.  Shovel, kitty litter and a large piece of cardboard.  If you get stuck in the snow and your tires are spinning this will help to get your car moving again.
3.  First aid kit.  Any necessary medications.
4.  Water bottles and food such as crackers, cookies, protein bars, hard candy.
5.  Windshield wiper fluid.
6.  Flash flight
7.  Jumper cables
8.  Cell phone and charger.  A good idea is to also have the hand-crank charger which will work in the event your car battery dies.
9.  Hat, gloves and a scarf.  You can also pick up the hand warmers that you can put inside your gloves or boots.
10. Battery operated radio.
11. White t-shirt or fluorescent t-shirt to hang on antenna if you break down.  Flares if you live in remote areas.
12. Wool blankets to keep warm.
13. Toilet paper.
The cold weather is upon us and although it’s important to protect our homes and cars most importantly we need to keep our families safe.
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AnitaStay safe and prepared while travelling in your car this winter.

7 Ways to pay less for car insurance in Philadelphia

by Anita on December 19, 2014

Most people love a good deal or a sale.  They get excited when they have a great coupon for something they actually need.  And we love friends and family discounts.   So what is the key to saving money on car insurance?  It’s not as complicated as you may think.  Here are 7 ways we have found that save our customers money on their car insurance policies in Philadelphia.

  1. Get quotes from an Independent agent.  Independent agents have access to many companies.  They don’t write policies for just one company so their loyalty is to you, the customer.  If your rate goes up or your needs change they can easily shop around for another insurance company.  When you go with an Independent agent you are able to build a relationship.  If you jump from one company to another, a new agent will not know you well enough to point out coverage or changes you may need.
  2. Be aware of the many discounts that are available to you. Different companies offer different discounts.  Here are some of the discounts that are out there.  Occupation & education, New car, multi policy, low mileage, good student, student away at school, safe driver, driver training, AARP defensive driving, accident forgiveness, paid in full, paperless and  hybrid vehicle discount.
  3. Choose higher liability limits. Yes I said higher.  If you go with state minimums you may pay more in the long run.
  4. Shop around. Insurance companies are not one size fits all.  What may have been a good company for you 10 years ago….may not be good for your present situation.  In today’s day there is no real reward for loyalty.  Your car insurance does not go down simply because you have had the same policy for many years.
  5. When purchasing a new or used car call an agent to get a general idea of what the insurance will cost. Many new car buyers will simply buy the car to then find out the insurance is so high that there is no way they will be able to afford both a car payment and their car insurance payment.
  6. Be an educated consumer. Do your research.  Find an agent that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is a Trusted Choice Agent.   If you choose the right agent they will guide you through purchasing car insurance.
  7. Don’t let your insurance go out of force or have a lapse. Make your payments on time to ensure consistent coverage.



If you take the time to do your research, ask questions and take your agents advice you can save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance in Philadelphia.  Make paying less for your car insurance in 2015 at the top of your to do list.

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Anita7 Ways to pay less for car insurance in Philadelphia

Holiday Decorating

by Anita on December 5, 2014

If you are an avid holiday decorator, your decorations have been up since the day after Thanksgiving. So this will serve as a follow up checklist for you. Any time you are dealing with lights, wires, candles, live trees etc… you need to take precautions.

We all remember the scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation where the cat chewed on the Christmas lights and the whole tree went up in smoke. When dealing with live trees take all necessary precautions. When purchasing a live tree be realistic.  Don’t get a tree that you’ll need three grown men to carry in.  Make sure you anchor the tree so it doesn’t tip over causing damage or injury to guests.  Keep the tree watered.  If you have pets that show interest in the tree, ornaments or lights keep an eye on them.  If you have small children it may be a good idea to put up an artificial tree as they are less likely to tip over.

When placing lights around the tree and in and around your home inspect them first.  You need to look for wear and tear.  How are the bulbs? Is the wire starting to fray? It is also important to use indoor lights indoor and outdoor lights outdoor.  If you are using extension cords don’t cut corners.  If you have illuminated the outside of your home, get outdoor extension cords.  They are made to withstand rain, snow and outdoor weather conditions.

Are you planning on decorating your mantle with candles?  Use flameless candles.  These candles produce the same effect and are safer.  When you mix garland with real candles there is potential for a fire.  If you will be lighting a menorah this holiday season extinguish the flame upon leaving the room.

This is the time of year for mistletoe and holly as well as poinsettias.  If you have pets it’s not a good idea to decorate your home with these live plants.  They can be poisonous to your pets.  You can substitute by using artificial plants.  Many artificial plants are of good quality and look very real.

When the decorating is complete, look around your home to ensure everything is secure.  If you plan on having guests over during the holidays you would want to prevent any injuries.  Prior to decorating the outside clean out your gutter of all leaves.  If you are placing blow up items on your lawn take care to secure those as well.

One of the most important things to remember this holiday season is to turn off the lights at night and when you leave the house.  Safety is more important than impressing the neighbors and passers by with your beautiful light display.

Enjoy the beauty of this holiday season.

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AnitaHoliday Decorating

Early cold winter blast

by Anita on November 21, 2014

Last year we had snow before Christmas. This year we had snow before Thanksgiving in some parts of the country. Many of us dug out our coats and put the heat on due to the unseasonably cold, cold weather this early in the season. But what about rental properties and secondary residences? Hopefully if you own those you made sure to put the heat on there as well. Some nights the temperatures went down to 22 degrees. It is so very important to maintain appropriate temps in all of your homes. Frozen pipes can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home. You are responsible to maintain heat in all of the properties you own.  Many of the new security systems include thermostat control which can be operated remotely. This is a great option for people who could not get to a second home relatively quickly.  Check that your pilot light is lit, change the filter in the heating unit and schedule a yearly maintenance call to ensure proper operation. The temperatures will creep back up into the 60′s this week, but now is a great time to think about winterizing your home.

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AnitaEarly cold winter blast

Halloween Safety tips

by Anita on October 28, 2014

There are only 57 more shopping days until Christmas!! But first Halloween is only 3 days away. If you haven’t gotten a costume time is running out. Whether your plan is to be a Witch, Cat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle , Harry Potter, Fairy Godmother or a little pumpkin, safety is always a top priority. Halloween and Mischief night are times to be aware.  Unfortunately, there are damages to homes and vehicles on those nights.  You are also at risk for someone to get hurt on your property while collecting their Halloween candy.  As a homeowner you want to do your best to reduce that risk, especially since so many kids will be walking up to your door.

Here are some tips for keeping your auto and home safe as well as the trick or treaters!

Keep your vehicle locked.

Park your car in a well lit area if possible.  The best place is in the driveway or garage.

Fold in the side view mirrors if you are parked out on the street.

Keep outside lights on to illuminate your home.

Sweep leaves away from your walkway and front door.

Remove any obstacles where someone could get injured.

If there are any deep holes on your lawn or sidewalk, place a cone in them to alert people there is a hole.

When lighting a fire pit, keep it in an area out of the path of trick or treaters and keep a fire extinguisher near by.

If you own a dog keep them in an area of the house where they will be unable to run towards or out the door (especially if they are not good with strangers). We wouldn’t want to scare any trick-or-treaters!

Will you be making any ghostly Halloween treats in the kitchen?  Use caution around the stove and deep fryers.  Have your kitchen fire extinguisher handy and use those oven mitts!

If your kids are going out for Halloween, walk with them.

Have kids cross at the corner.

Only go to houses with the lights on.

Carry a flashlight…some neighborhoods have little in way of lighting.

Have kids wear comfortable shoes and dress warm, this Halloween it’s going to be a little chilly.

When taking toddlers out, bring a stroller in case they get tired.

If you have teenagers going out with friends give them a curfew and check in with them throughout the night.

The best place to give out candy is to sit at the end of your driveway or close to the sidewalk.  This will save those little trick or treaters some time and you needn’t worry about someone falling or tripping on their elaborate costumes.

Make it a rule to keep all candy in the bag until you have thoroughly checked it at home.

And always say Thank you!

Freedom Insurance Group Inc. hopes you will have a safe and very Happy Halloween!

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AnitaHalloween Safety tips