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Summer Heat Safety Tips

by Anita on June 1, 2016

Here we are June 1st and we know what that means…..the heat is on! Here are some friendly heat safety tips from your friends at Freedom Insurance Group.
-stay inside if possible in air conditioning during the mid morning to mid afternoon hours
-dress lightly
-drink plenty of water and other fluids (avoid alcohol and carbonated/caffeine)
-use small appliances like a crock pot and tabletop grills rather than your traditional oven
-when using a fan, do not put it directly in the window, rather place it so it blows in the room and out the window
-stay on the lowest level of your home
-seek medical care right away if you become nauseous, vomiting have cramps
-check on the elderly
signs of heat exhaustion are:
dizziness, excessive sweating, headache, pale skin, pulse that is weak or rapid, fainting
We are looking forward to a wonderful summer and hope these tips help you enjoy yourself.

Heat Wave Buddy Watch



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AnitaSummer Heat Safety Tips

Recreational vehicle insurance

by Anita on May 25, 2016

Choosing the style, type, size and interior for your RV is very exciting and you can’t wait to go explore the great outdoors and take in some sights! But the next crucial steps is to properly insure your recreational vehicle. Much like auto insurance, RV insurance has state requirements for financial responsibility laws. In Pennsylvania insurance minimums are $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 for bodily injury and medical benefits. Although these are the minimums, is it enough to properly protect your RV and to give you peace of mind if you have to use your RV insurance? Similar to auto insurance, you can add comprehensive and collision coverage as well as roadside assistance to your RV insurance policy. Some ways to save are available if you have an active membership with specified Recreational Vehicle Associations. Safety discount course is not only a smart way to improve your driving skills but will earn you an added discount off the cost of your recreational vehicle insurance. Anti-theft, alarms and disabling devices greatly improve the security of your RV and make it easier to track if the RV was ever stolen. CDL licensed drivers will be entitled as will airbags for a discount in additional, so will anti-lock brakes. Auto insurance and Rv insurance again are alike in that your age, marital status, driving record and claim history all factor into what your rate for insurance will be. Be sure to give Freedom Insurance Group a call at 215-673-0300 to see what savings we can offer you on all your insurance needs!

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AnitaRecreational vehicle insurance

Motorcycle insurance

by Anita on May 18, 2016

The weather is warmer, the potholes are fixed and it’s time to ride!  You are excited and ready to hit the road let’s make sure your motorcycle insurance is ready too. Why get motorcycle insurance?  First, it is mandatory to carry motorcycle insurance.  Second, you will want to make sure you, your bike and others are properly covered in the event you are involved in an accident.  The agents at Freedom Insurance Group Inc. will assist you in getting the motorcycle insurance you need so you can enjoy your ride.  They will discuss with you bodily injury liability coverage which will cover medical expenses that incur with an injury due to an accident.  Property damage liability coverage will cover damages to another person property when you are at fault such as other vehicles or physical property of others. Personal injury protection will reimburse you for medical expenses, funeral and lost income if you are hurt in an accident.  Collision coverage will cover damages to your motorcycle from collision with another object.  Comprehensive coverage will cover your motorcycle damages not caused by an accident.  Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will provide coverage for you and your passengers injuries if the other party does not have insurance or enough motorcycle insurance to properly cover the accident.  These motorcycle insurance options are the same as your options when purchasing auto insurance.  Now that you are all set with your motorcycle insurance you can grab your helmet, plan your trip and enjoy the great outdoors.



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AnitaMotorcycle insurance

What is boat insurance?

by Anita on May 11, 2016

boatOwning a boat is fun, exhilarating and entertaining! Aside from if you will be fishing, skiing, joy riding or entertaining friends you want to make sure you are covered so you can continue to enjoy yourself. You might be wondering, “what is boat insurance?” Boat insurance has similarities of both auto insurance and home insurance. Boat insurance typically covers bodily injury that your passengers incur or that your boat inflicts on others. Property damage for on docks and other boats as well as physical damage to your boat if damaged by hitting something or running aground. Comprehensive coverage is available for theft, vandalism, fire, flood and personal property coverage for your fishing gear, uninsured boater insurance and roadside assistance in the event you need a tow. Some insurance companies will allow you to suspend your boat insurance for the periods and seasons the boat is not in use. Some ways to save on boat insurance are to take a boating class, mention all of the safety features your boat has and any gadgets onboard that protect the boat and the passengers. Also, the type of boat you own such as a powerboat, fishing boat, personal watercraft etc factor in the boat insurance premium. If you have auto insurance and home insurance you will also be eligible for a multi-policy discount if insured with the same insurance company.

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AnitaWhat is boat insurance?

Does the color of my car affect my car insurance rate?

by Anita on May 4, 2016

car colorMany people ask, “will the color of my car increase my auto insurance premium?”  Truth be told, insurance companies usually don’t have any knowledge of the color of your auto.  The factors that go into your car insurance premium are the year, make and  model  of your car because they affect repair and replacement costs if you file a claim.  If you have a special paint job or custom color on your vehicle then the auto insurance company would need to know so that in the event of an accident, your car would be restored to it’s proper custom color. Other factors include, how many miles you drive annually as well as if you commute frequently to other states.  Safety features on your vehicle also determine your car insurance premium.  If you have passive restraints, airbags, backup cameras, antilock brakes or a car equipped with driver technology all entitle you to discounts on your car insurance rates. The insurance company will run a motor vehicle report on your driver license for any past accidents which also affects your car insurance premium.  The area in which you live based on car theft or high accident rate is factored into your car insurance rate.  So you can look and purchase any color car you so desire and give Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. a call for a free quote at 215-673-0300!

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AnitaDoes the color of my car affect my car insurance rate?

FAQ’s on your auto insurance

by Anita on April 27, 2016

Many times we have customers ask us about getting auto insurance for the first time in their name. They may have been insured previously before under their parents auto insurance policy or a relative’s insurance policy.  Getting auto insurance on your own for the first time doesn’t have to be stressful. We will take the time to explain all of the details of what auto insurance coverage you need and answer all of your questions so that you feel confident with your purchase of car insurance and know that you are properly covered. We will ask you the following questions in order to get a competitive rate for your auto insurance needs.

-your name, address, date of birth and drivers license number

-the year make and model of your vehicle along with the vehicle identification number (this will tell us all safety features on the auto)

-what you do for a living or if you are enrolled in school

We will inform you of all the various discounts available to you based on your specific details.

We will discuss what type of coverages and the amount of liability you will need in order to be properly insured in the event you are involved in an accident.  Our licensed agents will give you a multitude of insurance scenarios so that you can make a sound decision on what auto insurance  coverage you want.  We will discuss several payment options and determine which one best suits your financial needs.  We will help you with your car registration also and refer you to an auto tag agency if needed. First_Time_Auto_Insurance-6

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AnitaFAQ’s on your auto insurance

What Are Named Perils?

by Anita on April 20, 2016

Insurance terms can be confusing and they don’t have to be. A named peril on a homeowners insurance policy is defined as a risk used to describe the events or causes of loss that may create a claim under the insurance policy. A typical HO-3 policy covers the following named perils:
Lightning or fire
Hail or windstorm
Damage caused by aircraft
Riots or civil disturbances
Smoke damage
Damage caused by vehicles
Falling objects
Volcanic eruption
Damage from the weight of snow, ice, or sleet
Water damage from plumbing, heating, or air conditioning overflow
Water heater cracking, tearing and burning
Damage from electrical current
Pipe freezing

If you were to have an issue or damage to your home as a direct result of the above mentioned perils your insurance policy will cover those damages. Supplement coverage is also available for sump pump backup in the event you lose power in your home. Identity fraud protection is also a supplemental coverage available to protect yourself from someone stealing your identity.



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AnitaWhat Are Named Perils?

Difference between comprehensive & collision insurance

by Anita on April 13, 2016

Comprehensive and collision insurance both cover any damage to an auto insured with each coverage. Collision insurance covers for the insured auto when damaged in an collision such as another automobile, a tree light pole, building or object. Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused by fire, water, vandalism, theft, animals or public riots. The cost of comprehensive and collision insurance are based mainly on the car’s value. Regardless of how much you pay for comprehensive and collision, you will only get paid what your car is worth minus your deductible. This brings up the question as to when should you drop collision insurance for your vehicle? Do you have a loan on your vehicle?  If so, most financing companies require comprehensive and collision insurance on the vehicle until the loan is paid off.  Keep in mind, collision coverage only applies for physical damage to your vehicle only. As enticing as it is to save money consider whether or not you can afford to replace or repair the damage done. Is your vehicle an older model? First, you will want to get an accurate amount of what your vehicle is worth, a good place to start is to estimate this. The next step is to look at the premium you are paying for collision insurance and calculate if it is more than the worth of the value of the vehicle minus the deductible. This is a decision for you as the policy owner for some people it will be worth for others not.


comprehensive damagecollisiion damage

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AnitaDifference between comprehensive & collision insurance

Why we love being insurance agents

by Anita on April 6, 2016






Freedom Insurance Group Inc, considers our customers like family. You can often hear one of our customers on the phone saying, “I’m at Freedom,” as if they are at their friends house. We enjoy hearing about their day and sharing in their life’s moments. We develop our relationships in person or over the phone. Our customer relations begin with the customer needing insurance but it blooms into so much more over time. We can meet auto, home, life, recreational and umbrella insurance needs. One of the best components of being an insurance agent is celebrating with our customers their milestones in life. Whether it may be purchasing a new vehicle, new home, engagement, marriage, birth or adjusting to a teen driver, we are here to guide and assist to ensure they are properly covered. We enjoy sharing our knowledge about insurance so that the customer feels secure and well informed to make a sound decision purchasing insurance based on their needs. We are often asked where to find a tag agency or help them fill out their auto registration which we gladly do. We are thankful when our clients will call or stop in to say hello and even to drop off a holiday or thank you treat!  We are often shown pictures of the new family pet, latest completed home project, and of course the families themselves enjoying life. The greatest compliment one of our customers can give us is a referral to their family, friends and co-workers. We enjoy having been able to provide quality customer service and insurance coverage that secures stability and peace of mind for our clients.  Above all else, we pride ourselves for having a trusting and loyal relationship with our customers.  We look for ways to save them money so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor on others things such as home projects, vacations, or to just save for a rainy day.

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AnitaWhy we love being insurance agents

Distracted Driving

by Anita on March 30, 2016

distracted driving

Do you think you aren’t distracted while you drive? Think again, AAA reports that 25-50% of all accidents are caused by distracted drivers. Distracted driving is the practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity, typically one that involves the use of a mobile phone or other electronic devices. Driving while using a cell phone reduces brain activity associated with driving by 37%. drivers increase their risk of a crash two to four times while talking on a mobile device, either hands free or hand held. Cell phone use is not the only distraction. Technology is constantly evolving and now cars are coming equipped with Wi-Fi hot spots, navigation systems, multimedia streaming and social media capabilities. Drivers report that they believe it is safer to use a hands free device as opposed to a hand held device. The majority of surveyed drivers feel that talking on a cell phone was a somewhat or serious threat to their personal safety.  Phone conversations of any type increase reaction times and increase different speed levels, swaying into lanes and having control of the steering wheel.  We all lead such busy lives with not much free time but if we continue these habits of trying to multitask while driving we may not have any time at all.  We can try to change the statists by putting our phones down while driving and waiting till we are in a safe environment to talk, text or plug in to the web.



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AnitaDistracted Driving