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Why You May Want to Consider Smart Home Technology to Protect Your Home

by Anita on October 17, 2017

Have you ever considered smart home technology to protect your home?  Maybe you’ve heard of the benefits but haven’t had the time to make the switch.  A smart home security system is one of the best defenses against break-ins, so it pays to consider investing in the technology for your home.  Many of the new smart home technologies feature smartphone controls which make them both convenient and user-friendly.  At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we encourage our customers to consider smart home technology when it comes to protecting their homes.

As we mentioned above, smart home technology is convenient.  Many of the new systems feature alarms for your home that can be set up from your smartphone even when you aren’t inside.  What’s more, the alerts are instant, so if your alarm is triggered, you’ll be notified right away.  Smart home technology also involves the use of smart home locks.  These allow you to check for unlocked doors which can be an important feature if you work far from home and forgot to lock up on your way into work.  Did we mention that you can also lock and unlock doors from your smartphone?

If you’re on the hunt for homeowners insurance in Philadelphia, PA, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. can help. We specialize in homeowners insurance and takes pride in offering cost-effective insurance plans for a variety of needs.

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. wants to keep customers safe and informed!

Whether you’re looking for homeowners’ insurance or whether you’re looking for the latest security to protect your home, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. can help.  We know that our customers want to find great rates and convenient ways to save, so we offer the best customer service and the lowest possible rates.  Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. is the name to trust when it comes to finding home insurance in Bensalem, PA.  So, if you want to find a great policy, or if you want to learn more about smart home technology, then stop in or give Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. a call.  We can help you find ways to save, and we can make you feel safe in your home, too!

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AnitaWhy You May Want to Consider Smart Home Technology to Protect Your Home

Why You Should Build a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

by Anita on September 22, 2017

Driving in the winter months can pose a multitude of hazards. You need to contend with snow-covered or icy roads, reduced visibility, and often sub-zero temperatures. All of these conditions can make driving a car both challenging and dangerous. On top of all that, you run the risk of getting stuck in your vehicle, either from a dead battery or an unforeseen weather issue. At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we suggest that all vehicle owners build a winter emergency kit to keep inside their cars when on the roads.

You don’t need to quit driving once it gets cold out. You just need to prepare for the conditions. If you need some help building a winter emergency car kit, the crew at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. can help you get one together. We can also help you in your search for a car insurance provider near Bensalem, PA. We offer a wide range of insurance policies for customers in many locations, and we offer driver safety tips, too. At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we want everyone to stay safe on the roads this winter!

Since winter is on its way, you might as well start preparing early. Everyone should have a winter emergency kit inside his or her vehicle. Would you really want to be stranded in the dead of winter without even a blanket or a flashlight? Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we can help you get a great winter emergency kit together in no time. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for a winter emergency, and at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we’ve got tips and ideas to get you started.

Our top ten items for your winter emergency kit include flares or reflectors, a flashlight, an extra set of warm clothes, jumper cables, kitty litter or sand, a snow scraper, a set of tire chains and a sleeping bag. If you find yourself searching for both car insurance in the Philadelphia, PA area, as well as winter emergency kit supplies, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. can help with suggestions or services. We take care of our customers, and it shows. This winter, don’t get left out in the cold. Get a collection of gear for your winter emergency car kit and then take on the winter with confidence!

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AnitaWhy You Should Build a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

Five Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Fall Season

by Anita on August 29, 2017

It might seem like summer is here to stay, but fall is just around the corner. If you haven’t already thought about it, now is the time to begin thinking about how you can make your home safe this fall season. At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we provide homeowners with a wide range of protection services for all of their individual needs.

Customers looking for home insurance in Yardley can count on Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. to provide them with a wide range of insurance needs for the entire family. The team at Freedom Insurance Group takes pride in their commitment to exceptional customer service, and we’ve got five tips to help you keep your home safe this fall season.

1. Test your smoke alarms.

All homeowners should check their smoke alarms at least once a month. You should create an emergency plan for the family and make sure that you practice it, as well. Research has proven that most home fire deaths result from smoke inhalation, so it’s important to be vigilant about your alarms and your emergency plan.

2. Check your property, inside and out.

It’s important to walk along your property and identify any places where injuries could occur. Do you see any areas where the ground is uneven and someone could trip? Are there any other hazards that require attention? Check inside for loose wires and poorly lit staircases, as well. To keep yourself covered in the event that your home is burglarized, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. offers affordable homeowners’ insurance for families that need it.

3. Double check hazardous materials.

Do you have medications locked and stored safely from children? Do you have household cleaners and chemicals out of reach of children? Is the Poison Control hotline number in a visible space in the event you need to call? It’s always a good idea to revisit the items in your home that might be hazardous for both children and pets.

4. Sign up for the Neighborhood Watch.

Signing up with the local Neighborhood Watch is a great way to make sure that you feel safe in your home this fall. Knowing that your neighbors have their eyes out for suspicious activity is helpful and reassuring. Display the Neighborhood Watch sticker in a window that is visible to people form outside.

5. Think about your kitchen.

Do you keep an eye on the stove when you’re cooking? Do you turn pot handles to the back of the stove to prevent knocking them over with boiling liquid in them? Kitchen safety is important in keeping your family safe this fall, and at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. we help all of our customers find the best ways to keep their families safe this fall.

Those in need of home or renters insurance in Philadelphia, PA can rely on Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. for the upcoming fall season. To get insurance today, please call or email us.

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AnitaFive Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Fall Season

How to Make Your Home or Apartment Safe and Insured

by Anita on August 21, 2017

Assuming you’ve watched your dose of TV shows and movies, you’ve probably entertained the possibility of the Apocalypse, or a zombie uprising. While we don’t ordinarily cover catastrophes of an unnatural variety, we do think it’s prudent to be prepared for everything, even if it’s as likely as Atlantis or aliens.

The Prudent Survivalist Toolkit

You’ll want to start by assessing what you do and don’t already have in your home, as far as the most essential emergency supplies go. If a freak snowstorm or tempest of lightning knocks out the power, where are your flashlights? When the electric is out, so too is the Internet. Old school radios can give you access to official broadcasts, updates on roadways, and weather conditions. Your smartphones and other pluggable electronics don’t have to die, either. All that solar energy in the sky can be harnessed through a portable solar charger. Aside from all your gadgets, don’t forget about the real necessities like non-perishable foods, potable water, and potentially even a generator.

Clothing, Coverage, and Blankets

Now that you have all of your essentials, how about what you’ll be wearing? It’s wise to keep a change of clothing for all sorts of climates and conditions that you may encounter. Coupled with disaster wear, you should always have a form of identification beyond a driver’s license, like a passport, for example. If you’re living in Northeast Philadelphia, or other parts of the area, think about low costing insurance for your home or apartment, too. What’s the sense in fortifying your space if you’re liable for damages after a flooding or fire? On that note, always know where your fire extinguisher is, as well as your methane detectors. A fire blanket could also be a useful tool.

Planning Alliances, and Insurance

While you can stock up on foodstuffs, tools, and emergency supplies, you also need the support of locals to get through a crisis (even if it’s as benign as a few days without power). If you don’t already know your neighbors, you may want to introduce yourself at some point. Perhaps you’re both renting from the same landlord. Do you both have the best renters insurance in the area of Philadelphia, PA? As far as ice breakers go, there are worse ways to bond with your neighbors. Before long, you’ll be reliably insured and ready for any curveball that Mother Nature can throw at you.

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AnitaHow to Make Your Home or Apartment Safe and Insured

Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. Discusses the Importance of Drivers Education Classes

by Anita on August 1, 2017

Drivers education classes are important for anyone fresh behind the wheel. We here at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. understand the importance of these classes and urge new drivers to seek drivers education classes in the future.

As an insurance company in Philadelphia, we are also proud to declare the importance of drivers education in an effort to get more drivers comfortable on the road. In fact, a good drivers education class can be the difference between a safe, confident driver and a dangerous, unconfident driver

For those seeking car insurance in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. is proud to offer several policies to suit a wide range of driver needs. We even offer some excellent student discounts. Furthermore, we are willing to work with a broad range of needs and budgets. Stop in today or give us a call to discuss specific options.

For those who are still unsure about drivers education classes, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. is willing to discuss details and statistics. In today’s busy, chaotic world, it’s sometimes easy to skip out on much-needed courses that might not be the most fun for young drivers, but that still offer those much-needed hours on the road with an experienced drivers education teacher. At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc, an obvious commitment to customer safety is evident, and this makes them a trusted, appreciated local business.

We Also Offer Much More Than Car Insurance!

For those living in the city, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. also offers renters insurance in Philadelphia. We are always working to best serve the individual needs of their clients, and we are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction. Between the excellent car insurance offers and amazing renters insurance deals, it’s no surprise that we are recognized as one of the best insurance agencies in the Philadelphia area! To learn more about what we do, please feel free to browse our website!

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AnitaFreedom Insurance Group, Inc. Discusses the Importance of Drivers Education Classes

3 Home Security Tips to Consider this Summer

by Anita on July 7, 2017

Your home should be your safe shelter, but the fear of burglaries and break-ins can make any home feel a little less inviting. As one of the top providers of home and renters insurance in Philadelphia, PA, we see firsthand the spike in break-ins during the summer months. In fact, oftentimes July and August are the most common months of the year for burglaries and robberies because people are away on vacations. Therefore, consider these tips to keep your family safe, and make sure that your summer stays easy and carefree.

  • Check your windowsWhy do break-ins spike during the summertime? One cause is that homeowners and renters frequently leave their windows open when they are home to get some air, then subsequently forget to close them when they go out. An open window is like a golden ticket to a thief because the person can enter your home without leaving signs of forced entry. Before you leave your home, make it a habit to double-check that all doors and windows are closed and locked before going out.
  • Be wary of door-to-door sales – With the advance of online shopping, the door-to-door salesman is pretty much a thing of the past. However, a common tactic that thieves use to choose targets is to pose as door-to-door salesmen. The thief will pretend to be selling something, or will pose as an uninvited handyman looking for work. When you let the person into your home, he or she is secretly making a mental note of where obvious valuables are for when the person robs the home later. If a salesman comes to your door, tell the person that you are not interested, or hear the pitch outside.
  • Don’t announce your vacation – Everyone loves posting on social media, especially if they have an exciting trip planned. However, by announcing to the whole world that you are leaving your home for up to a week, you are essentially inviting thieves into your house. Save the beach updates until after you’ve returned home.

Even the most diligent homeowners or renters can still be the target of break-ins. Speaking to a licensed provider of home insurance in Bensalem PA can make sure you’re protected if something does happen.

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Anita3 Home Security Tips to Consider this Summer

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer with These Tips from Freedom Insurance Group Inc.

by Anita on June 20, 2017

Make sure you prepare your vehicle for the summer season. With the cold weather gone, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., a company that offers low-cost insurance to residents of Bensalem, PA, and the surrounding communities, wants to make sure everyone remembers to adjust their vehicles accordingly. Some summer maintenance on your automobiles will be helpful in the long run, saving you both time and money.

A vital factor when it comes to maintaining your vehicle during the summer is ensuring that the coolant system is operating correctly. A properly running coolant system keeps the engine cool when it’s hot in the summer. We also suggest checking the radiator and hoses for leaks and cracks. Aim for 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so the engine doesn’t overheat. Furthermore, we advise that you regularly look at the temperature gauge, located on the dashboard. Should the engine get too hot, we recommend that you act immediately.

If you put winter tires on your automobile, now is the time to make the switch to summer tires. Just by adding a new set of tires you’ll have better tread as well as the benefits of using summer-specific tires. To make the change, take a spare set of rims to any mechanic, and he or she can easily take care of it for you. Another option is to use tires that are good for any time of year. It’s less work for when the weather changes, but they won’t last as long since you’re using them year-round.

Perhaps most important of all, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. urges you to have your brakes checked. Rain is most prevalent during the summer leading to puddles and wet roads, and therefore, wet brakes. Not only that, but hot weather can cause the temperature of the brake pad system to rise, which in turn causes your brake pads to erode at a faster rate. Speak with your mechanic to find out if it’s time for you to upgrade your brake pads.

Sometimes, accidents happen anyway. You can prepare yourself and your car all you want, but that won’t prevent them altogether. When that happens, you’ll want Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. by your side. Besides our car insurance policies, we also offer policies for renters, life, and home insurance to those who reside in Bensalem, PA and many other areas.

If you’d like to purchase a policy or update your current one, please give us a call at 215-375-7733. Otherwise, browse the rest of our website for more information.

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AnitaGet Your Vehicle Ready for Summer with These Tips from Freedom Insurance Group Inc.

10 Ways to Maintain a Safe Home Between Seasons

by Anita on April 3, 2017

We want you to feel safe in your home! Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. cares about more than just your home insurance in Yardley, PA; we care about your safety and your budget. In order to prevent potential hazards, accidents, or other problems from taking you by surprise, try these helpful tips for maintaining a safe home between seasons.


Outdoor Inspections

  1. Gutters: Easy to clog and get backed up with debris over the fall, gutters should be cleaned out and repaired or replaced when necessary. Check how the water is flowing and draining to prevent water damage from eroding your siding or causing damage to the roof.
  1. Trees: The weight of snow often causes boughs to bend and eventually break. Fallen limbs might go unnoticed while you are less likely to spend time outdoors, so take a minute to pick up stray branches in the driveway or yard that are large enough to trip over or cause damage to cars and other vehicles. Make sure to trim healthy yard plants back from electric wires, cooling devices, air filters, and other machinery.
  1. Roof: Harsh winter weather can do a number on your roof. Make sure to inspect your roof before the excessive heat of summer sets in, which can open any cracks caused by ice from previous months. Don’t forget the roof of your garage, shed, or any other enclosed structure on your property!
  1. Landscaping Equipment: Often, landscaping tools go several months before being reused, and it is easy for them to erode or for parts to break while remaining unmaintained for too long. Avoid accidents by checking all equipment for missing or loose pieces, and rust (that could cause it to break unexpectedly).
  1. Windows and Doors: Important for internal and external safety, windows and doors are used heavily year round. It is imperative to check and make sure all locks are functioning and have at least two matching keys to go with them. Inspect the seals on your windows and doors routinely, so that you don’t acquire any costly drafts or unwanted pests.
  1. Heating and Cooling Systems: Both your heater and your air conditioner run nearly constantly during half of the year and sit dormant for the other half. Prolonged use as well as staying stagnant leads to natural degradation and a need for inspection. Right before Spring is the perfect time to hire a professional to tune up these systems and replace your furnace filter or other air filtration devices.


Indoor Inspections

  1. Electric: One of the most common causes of household fires is actually from faulty wiring! Without checking your electrical outlets and cords for potential fire hazards, you could be putting your home at risk, or even yourself.
  1. Fire Extinguishers: Make sure to look over your fire extinguisher before backyard barbeques have a chance to set dry grass ablaze. Check the nozzle, hose, and pressure gauge to ensure that your fire extinguisher is ready to operate and easily at hand.
  1. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: It is easy for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to run out of battery and turn off without a homeowner noticing. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, is lethal if inhaled for too long, and can come from machines present in your home. Be sure to replace the batteries for your detectors at regular intervals, because they could potentially save your life and that of your family.
  1. Vents: Clogged vents that help to circulate air can negatively influence physical health if they are not cleaned properly. The vent to your dryer can cause warm air to cycle back into the room and raise household temperatures; it can even become combustible if too much lint accumulates. Simply cleaning the vents that you can reach could prevent a more costly electric bill and avert a medical bill.


Here at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we want to help you stay safe throughout the year and avoid having to pay extensive bills unnecessarily. If you are a homeowner and looking for a package to also cover your car, combining our home insurance with  auto insurance in Yardley, PA could save you an additional 15%! Just like you want the best for your family, we want the best for ours. We promise to always provide the coverage that you and your family deserves, while always trying to save you as much money as we can.

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Anita10 Ways to Maintain a Safe Home Between Seasons

2 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance with Lifestyle Discounts

by Anita on February 23, 2017

Paying your car insurance bill each month is definitely a drag, but not for those who keep the coverage, but cut the premium! With Freedom Insurance Group, offering auto and home insurance in Philadelphia, you won’t have to look anywhere else. We will take your budget and work with you to find the best coverage you can get. We understand that the last thing you want to pay for is your car insurance bill (or any bill for that matter), that is why we want to open your mind to two ways you can start saving!



  1. Good Student Discount

If you or your child is under the age of 22, you are eligible for a discount of up to 20% just for getting good grades. Use this as motivation to study harder and grind those gears! It will save you money you can use on nights out with friends, travel, and, of course, coffee. All of those A’s you have worked so hard for will literally pay off with the Good Student Discount. Students will need a B average to qualify for this benefit.


  1. Defensive Driving Courses for Senior Citizens

As people age, it is important to adjust accordingly to weaker vision and slower reflexes as well as acquire the skills of up-to-date driving techniques. By offering a defensive driving course to improve the ability of seniors behind the wheel, insurance companies are able to offer discounts on their car insurance. Because senior citizens have a high risk of collision, it is very important to be covered by the right insurance while saving where you can. Consider taking Defensive Driving Courses to lower your monthly payment and still receive the same coverage to protect you.


Car insurance in Bensalem, PA and surrounding areas, can be lowered with these lifestyle discounts. Please consider saving on your bill by letting us at Freedom Insurance Group take you under our wing. All of our clients are treated like family; we are all in this together. We want to help you save as much money as we can while ensuring that you get the coverage you and your family deserves.

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Anita2 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance with Lifestyle Discounts

5 Key Ways to Save in the New Year

by Anita on January 26, 2017

Since 2017 hit, everyone has been looking for ways to save this year. 2016 wasn’t so kind, and with bill after bill, it can be overwhelming.  Instead of worrying about tomorrow, it’s important to think about today. What can you do?  

We at Freedom Insurance Group have put our heads together to come up with ideas for you to think about so you can save money this year. It’ll be a hard, long road, but the extra money will add up over time, eventually saving you quite a lot. Ride it out with us, and see where it takes you.   

  1. Switch up your grocery habits
    First, you have to ask yourself, “What are my grocery habits?” This bill varies significantly from household to household, and it can be anywhere from $70-$1,500 a month for just two adults. If you have a larger family, you could be spending even more than that. By changing things up a little bit, shopping around, using coupons or making a few sacrifices, you could lower your monthly costs by a lot. Ice cream isn’t always necessary (but most of the time it is).
  2. Never pay the full price
    Coupons are the answer — that is, if you really need what you have in your cart. Always make sure you are buying something you actually need, and not just because it’s on sale. Search online for coupons, check your mail, ask at stores, and talk to your friends for advice. That way, you are never paying for items you need at full price. 
  3. Reduce your energy costs
    There are many things you can do in your home to reduce your monthly bills. Get a programmable thermostat. Check the caulking on your windows and doors. Replace all the lightbulbs in your home with energy efficient LED bulbs. Turn the temperature of your water heater down. By changing your day-to-day, you can lower the costs of heating, water and electricity bills.
  4. Review your insurance to see if you can save money
    Reach out to us at Freedom Insurance Group. We not only want you to be able to save money on your bills, but we also want to help you save on insurance — any kind of insurance. We can take care of your homeowners insurance, life insurance, car insurance and much more. We will not only find you the best prices, but we will work with you and your personalized budget to get you just want you need.
  5. Are you eligible for life-changing discounts?
    If you have married recently, or bought a new home or car, we are here to cut you some slack. Give us a call today to see if you are eligible.

Our customers are family to us, and that includes you. If you have a little extra money in your pocket, to us, that’s a job well done. Just think what you could do with those savings! You could go out into the world and enjoy yourself or spend some quality time together with your family. Please contact Freedom Insurance Group today and start saving.  

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Anita5 Key Ways to Save in the New Year