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Renters Insurance

Are you currently renting and need renters insurance in Philadelphia?

We strive to get you the best renters insurance rates in in Philadelphia

Renters insurance in Philadelphia is affordable. You need renters insurance if you rent a single home, apartment, townhouse, condo or cottage. This insurance can protect you and your family from liability claims and damage or loss to your personal property. Renters insurance is also a smart option for college students living away from home and renting off campus.

Liability coverage will protect you from someone getting hurt while in your home. It will also protect you, if for example your son accidentally throws a baseball through your neighbors beautiful bay window. Ask your agent about the policy limits that are available, as well as deductibles, when choosing renters insurance in Philadelphia.

When you are covered for damage/loss to your personal property you protect yourself against theft, vandalism and fire as well as other named perils. You took the time and money to furnish, decorate your new home, invested in electronics (tv, stereo, computers and equipment) why not protect these items?

Discounts are also available on renters policies, for example if you live in gated community with 24 hour security, have a monitored security system, have dead bolt locks, or sprinkler systems.

To get a quote for renters insurance you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Address
  • Estimate of contents
  • Idea of liability coverage you are looking for (example $100,000, $300,000, $500,000)
  • If you have jewelry that you would like to insure, mention that to your agent as well.

Our experienced agents can help you decide which Renters policy is right for you. They can explain the coverages as well as how a renters policy works to protect you and your possessions.

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