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Commercial Insurance Philadelphia

We specialize in getting you the best Commercial Auto insurance and Business Insurance rates in Philadelphia

Commercial Insurance in Philadelphia

Freedom Insurance Group currently writes commercial auto insurance in Philadelphia. Commercial Insurance coverage is quite similar to a personal auto insurance policy. The difference is it is for vehicles that are used for business purposes only. As a business owner it is a necessary expense and an important decision to choose Freedom for commercial auto insurance in Philadelphia.

If you are just starting out in business our agents are experienced in walking you through the necessary steps to acquiring commercial auto insurance. Even if you have been in business for many years, we can also provide you with a competitive quote to see if we can save you money. In these economic times, every dollar saved can help.

When calling to get a quote, have the following information available as this will help in determining your premium.

  • The business address
  • Type of business you are in (HVAC, general contractor etc..)
  • Number of vehicles, type of vehicles
  • Driving records of the employees who will be operating the vehicles
  • Any safety or anti-theft devices installed
  • Deductible amounts

Freedom doesn’t just offer the most affordable commercial insurance in Philadelphia; we also offer a dedicated staff of insurance agents that will provide you with the best plan. From the moment you meet one of our agents, you will know that choosing Freedom was the right decision.

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