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Do you need Car Insurance in Philadelphia?

It is very important to have good Car Insurance in Philadelphia, for many reasons including congested streets, hectic rush hours, and many uninsured motorist. Your policy will follow the state laws of Pennsylvania. By law you are required to carry the following coverage; currently the minimums required are:

Bodily Injury Liability – the minimum limit is $15,000/$30,000

Medical Benefits – minimum limit is $5,000 of coverage

Property Damage Liability – the minimum limit is $5,000

These are the minimums for Car Insurance In Philadelphia that you must purchase. It makes sense to purchase car insurance based on your financial portfolio. For example if you own a home, a bodily injury limit of $15,000/$30,000 is too low as your home is worth more than $30,000. To determine how much car insurance in Philadelphia you should purchase, you should normally purchase liability coverage equal to your assets. Making a researched decision versus a quick decision will ensure you have the proper coverage.

If you get into an accident or get pulled over, an officer is going to ask you for your license, insurance and registration. Not being able to provide proof of insurance will land you in hot water. Freedom Insurance Group Inc. l can help you if you are purchasing your first car or just looking to get a better rate on your car insurance in Philadelphia. If you have been with your insurance company for a long time, you may be over paying for your car insurance. Chances are if you haven’t shopped around for car insurance lately you could be pleasantly surprised when you get a quote that will save you money. Insurance companies determine their rates individually. Not all car insurance agencies charge the same, that’s why it benefits you to spend time to get an insurance quote. If you combine your auto and homeowners you may qualify for an additional discount. There may be additional discounts you are not currently getting that will make sure to factor into your rate. Lets face it, we all look for cheap car insurance in Philadelphia, but the key is getting affordable car insurance with the right amount of coverage.

Many of our policies also include road side assistance. For just a couple dollars a month you will have additional coverage if you run out of gas, break down, battery dies, or if your car won’t start.

Having the right car insurance agency in Philadelphia will make it easy to get the coverage you need at an affordable rate. Our licensed agents have the experience to assist you throughout the process of getting a new policy as well as assisting you with any accidents and/or claims you may encounter in the future. We strive to get you the best low cost car insurance with maximum coverage.

With so many insurance options it pays to do your research. If you are short on time, contacting Freedom Insurance Group Inc. is a wise choice as we represent over 10 A+ companies and can offer you many options with just one phone call. Currently we represent companies including: Progressive, Safeco, The Hartford, Grange, Mercury, Travelers and many more. Insurance companies are not one size fits all. We can help you determine the best company for you. Call us today at ​215-375-7733.

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